Design by Anton Ivanov, 51 aniversary of Museum of Humor and Satire

On 1 April 2023, the Museum of Humor and Satire celebrated its 51st anniversary. The emblematic cultural institution of Gabrovo was founded on the basis of Gabrovo’s folklore humour and the developed carnival tradition, with the idea to serve the artists and the lovers of humorous art, to be a home for the humorists and satirists who were always disliked by the official authorities. Founded with enthusiasm and ambition to cover a wide range of expressions of the comic in art from all around the world, the Museum established itself as the undeniable promoter of contemporary humorous and satirical work worldwide as early as the late 1970s.

The first Gabrovo Biennale of Humor and Satire in Art in 1973 marked the beginning of the international activity at the Museum. It was followed by an ascending series of national and international competitions and events in art, literature, folklore, cinema, and theatre. The Museum published its own humor and satire publication, Apropo, which set new standards for modern specialized publications in Bulgaria. A unique artistic collection of humorous and satirical artworks from all over the world is being built up. Gabrovo becomes to stand firmly on the map of the World’s centers of humor.

Today, the Museum of Humor and Satire is committed to revitalizing its spaces, establishing an active presence in the virtual space, reorienting its activities towards the expression and support towards young contemporary authors, and making bold plans for the future.

But behind all this are the thousands of artists from Bulgaria and all around the World, and a small army of people who have shared part of their professional path with the Museum.